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An authentic, durable, and aesthetic roofing solution for our clients is the ultimate aim of Builder London. For such a beautiful and long-lasting roofing solution, slate is a phenomenal material. They blend flawlessly with traditional houses and have been a primary roofing material for centuries. They are ideal for producing a classic demeanor to the house and are available in variants such as zinc, natural and artificial.


And for modern houses, tiles are also manufactured with a similar composition to that of slates. Fabricated from clay or concrete, these tiles are strong enough to withstand wear and tear for a long time. Builder London has an impressive collection of tiles with different designs and colors.


There are some solid reasons for their popularity such as :

Lifespan: The longevity of a tile roof can range from 50 to 70 years, whereas a slate roof has a lifecycle ranging up to a staggering 150 years. That is quite spectacular if you consider the fact that an average roof has only a  life expectancy ranging from 20 to 30 years. This proves the incredible durability of slate and tile roofing.

Greater value:  Despite an initial expense, slate or tile roofing ensures a long-term value and does not require any maintenance for a very long time.

Eco friendly – Slates and tiles do not negatively impact the environment as other materials and also have an immense fireproof capability. And among all types of roofing materials, natural slate is the only material that produces the lowest level of carbon footprint.

Colors and designsBuilder London offers slates and tiles in plenty of designs and colors. Slates are available in numerous textures, patterns, shades with grey as the dominant color. And tiles are available in a broad spectrum of colors and designs that suit different houses. We also provide tailored services to suit individual likes and preferences.

 What are the services we provide?

Builder London has an impeccable track record in completing a project on schedule with brilliant planning, smart budget control, and a safe work zone

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