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A Guide to Loft Conversion and Extension

A Guide to Loft Conversion and Extension

The primary motive for a house conversion is due to lack of living space, workspace, or simply a spare room for visiting guests or relatives. House conversions require thorough planning so that the structural integrity and value of the house are not compromised. Builders in Cambridge are often consulted for such renovations in the UK.

Let us now discuss if loft conversions or extensions are more beneficial for adding value and space to your residence.

Loft Conversions


Also referred to as an attic conversion, this process involves a complete remodeling of the vacant attic space into a fully-fledged working space, bedroom, or study room. It’s a very creative and productive way to utilize an empty attic for a growing family. For kids it can be a fun and joyful experience to spend time in these rooms.

Some facts about loft conversions

1. Save your hard earned money

Loft conversions are a smart alternative solution to relocating your house. A considerable amount of money can be saved from logistics, house deposits, legal formalities, solicitor fees with this simple conversion.

2. A place of Zen

Use this extra space to relax and chill the evening after a hectic day at work. This extra room can be dedicated to your workout regime or meditation practices.

3. A high value property

Nowadays most buyers are looking for a house with workspaces and loft converted houses make an ideal pick. A loft conversion is always a cherry on top for owners who are trying to sell their house. Their value has skyrocketed to almost 15 to 20 percent of the value of the property.

4. No privacy invasion

Since the conversions are done vertically and not as extensions, there is no intrusion of privacy into your neighbors compound.

5. Movie night

You can spend the weekend with your friends and loved ones by watching a movie in the attic. Through loft conversions, these rooms can be converted into mini theatres or game arcades.

6. Rent a room

You can earn a great deal of money by renting these converted places to tourists and college students. The demand for such loft conversions is in high demand like never before.

7. Styles of loft conversions

There are four types of loft conversions known as Dormer loft conversion, Mansard loft conversion, Roof light Loft Conversion and Hip-to-gable loft conversion

8. No consent required

Planning permission or any other government authorization is required for loft conversions since you are not changing the complete profile of the home. No extra money has to be paid to the authorities nor any application has to be submitted.

9. Temperature regulation

Stay warm and comfy during winters and rainy days as the rooms will be reinforced with extra layers of fiber or wool coating during loft conversions. The reinforcement traps the heat inside the room and warms up the atmosphere.
Also, an adequate amount of sunlight will enter the room as large windows are usually used such as dormer windows or roof lights windows.

10. A spot for star gazers

A spectacular view can be enjoyed from these rooms as the topmost location of the house. This room can be an ideal place for couples, selenophile and astronomers. A perfect romantic candlelight dinner can also be arranged under the stars.

11. No disruption to your daily life

A crucial aspect while renovating houses is the disruption challenges. There is a minimal to zero disruption involved to perform loft conversions. They are easier than imagined and an expert builder will be able to complete the work within a short time frame.

12. Save your space

You do not lose your precious garden as part of conversion since loft conversions are done vertically and not by extending to the backside of your home by compromising your lawn or parking space.

13. Spend less bucks

The loft conversion cost in the UK varies according to the style of conversion that you choose such as Mansard, Roof light, Hip to gable, or Dormer loft conversions. It also depends on the materials used, the builders who are undertaking the project, and also the length of time used to complete the project. And typically loft conversions are less expensive than home extensions.



Another way of compensating for the lack of living space in your home is by creating home extensions. You will be able to build these extra spaces in various designs and according to your prerequisites. Builders in Cambridge have done numerous such home extensions all over the UK.

Some facts about home extensions

1. Raise the value of your property

Indeed, the transformations such as loft conversion or extension increase the value of your property almost to a staggering 20%. Your home after these conversions becomes a very valuable and appealing property for potential buyers.

2. You don’t have to move out

You don’t have to spend your valuable time and money searching for a new home. On the other hand, you create value by these extensions and also save from the property brokers, stamp duty, and other transportation charges while moving out.

3. Less disruption challenges

Disruption can depend upon the style and type of extension that you have chosen and mostly these transformations can be performed with minimal interference. That being said, home extensions can relatively cause more disruption than loft conversions.

4. You don’t have to leave your community

Most of the families have lived a large portion of their life in the same neighborhood and created so many close relations. So leaving the community can be emotionally very upsetting and stressful. And home extensions can be an ideal solution for these situations to produce more living space.

5. Authorized permission not always required

Most of the owners are eligible to extend their property under the permitted development rights unless the designs exceed the criteria laid by the authorities. It is always best to discuss these things with your builder and also with the planning authority in your area before starting the extension.

6. An extremely beneficial transformation

Home extensions enhance the beauty and ambiance of your home to a new level. An endless number of possibilities are created with these new spaces. You can convert them into a wonderful living space according to the needs and requirements of your family.

A few important FAQ

1. What is the potential value of a house with loft conversion?

A majority of surveys have often estimated the value of a house with a loft conversion to have an increase in value of around 20% to the value of the property.

2. Is it possible to extend an existing loft conversion?

There may arise some implications when extending an existing conversion but it is very much possible to accomplish the project with an expert structural engineer and his team. Builder Cambridge is such a specialist company that undertakes many such projects.

3. Which is cheaper to do? A loft conversion or an extension?

It depends entirely on the specific style, design, and materials used to transform the house. But essentially a loft conversion cost in the UK is comparatively cheaper and much easier to accomplish than an extension. An extension may sometimes require planning permission and everything has to be constructed from scratch.

4. Are small extensions worth it?

It is subjective as any type of extension depends upon the requirement and needs of the owner and family. And extensions require you to sacrifice a portion of your area that may include the backyard or garden. Big or small, this construction has to be made from scratch, so think twice before starting the project and avoid rework.

5. Do I require an architect for a home extension project?

It is always wise to seek the counsel of an expert architect or builders to get an overview of the entire project. They can suggest novel ideas, cost-effective plans and suggest a tailor-made style for your home. And you can always consult Builder Cambridge, which is a renowned company in the UK that specializes in loft conversions and home extensions .

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