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New Builds London

Builder London is a name that is synonymous with credibility, authenticity, aesthetics, and quality of design and services. Over the years we have undertaken a phenomenal number of projects all over the UK. With immense experience and expertise in building homes, we have gained exceptional mastery and honed our skills into various dimensions of construction such as planning, design, and also landscaping.

We are adept at turning a vacant space into a flawless living space that is capable of oozing joy and peacefulness into your personal life.


Our team is well equipped with both knowledge and the needed technology to build any type of living space from scratch. And Builder London always ensures that all sorts of constructions are accomplished within the allocated budget and time frame. Emphasizing our client’s satisfaction has undoubtedly made us renowned as an efficient team for all sorts of new builds in London.

Our team covers a vast area of services such as:

    •                 Preliminary design
    •                 Planning
    •                 Foundations
    •                 Material supply
    •                 Primary home utility connections
    •                 Groundwork
    •                 Bricklaying
    •                 Plumbing
    •                 Rood building
    •                 Installation of gas and electric supply
    •                 Landscaping(Optional)

    ·                  Complete with interior designing

Our service covers every aspect of construction that frees you from unwanted stress and pressure. You don’t even have to give a contract to any other companies for every particular aspect of construction since everything is taken care of by Builder London.

You can confidently spend your time and money on your dream space with us at the helm, as we always ensure that our services add great value to your home.

Due to our responsible and professional work ethic, we have retained a majority of our clients who usually refer our services to their close family and friends. We are always ready to cater to the needs of our clients, according to their demands with any type of tailor-made services regarding new builds in London. Make sure to contact us and always remember that we are forever ready to avail our time and services to you in clearing your queries and doubts regarding the project.

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